Last Thursday, April 5, Rick Scott held a benefit dinner at a restaurant local to Sarasota, Marina Jacks. The Republican Party of Sarasota County held a sign waving party that I happened to get an e-mail invitation for, that called for those who support “conservative principals, limited government, less spending and regulations, more freedom, and jobs for Floridians” to attend the sign-waving rally in order to welcome “America’s most conservative governor, Rick Scott” to Sarasota. It also reminded me to “bring my american flags!”

At the bottom of the e-mail, there was a note that said: “*Liberals & fans of big government & record spending are planning on holding a rally at the same time and I’m sure the media will be there to report which is why we need every conservative that supports limited government, less spending and opposes burdensome regulation to come out for an hour to support America’s Most Conservative Governor!”

I thought, “Perfect.” I met up with a fellow NCF student and close friend of mine, pictured above, and we head out to the counter-protest. We spent about an hour there, and during our time we waved signs such as the ones you see us holding above that called out to Scott and his supporters to realize how terribly detrimental Scott’s policies have been to the majority of Floridians. We got the chance to talk with several members of Occupy Sarasota and were greeted with joy for the sake of “young people” taking a stand and joining the movement. 

I was interviewed by a local blogger, Diane, who runs an “Occupy my Soapbox” blog, which was pretty fun. She sent me an e-mail and said that my interview should be up on the website in the next few weeks, however she did already publish a blog on the protest I attended, officially called the “Pink Slip Rick Protest.” You can see her blog post on the protest here

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